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I got $84.12 worth of groceries at
Shaw's and Hannaford for just $10.66!

Scroll down to see how I did it!

Most of what you see in the photo was purchased at Shaw's, but I also got a few things at Hannaford.

I'm not going to take the time to list every coupon I used, but what I did is take advantage of the BOGO sales at Shaw's and I only purchased items that I also had coupons for.

Almost all the coupons I used at Shaw's were under $.99 so they doubled in value.  When doubled coupons are used with the sales, that equals mega savings!

I also split my Shaw's purchase into 3 separate transactions so I could use 3 of my $5 off $25 coupons that I got from my referrals. That saved me an additional $15.00!!!

I got the following:

6 bags of Wise snacks
6 bags of Gorton's fish portions
2 boxes frozen veggies
8 bottles of salad dressing
2 packs of frankfurter rolls
4 kiwis
1 head lettuce
1 roll toilet paper
1 can cat food

Total Price:  $84.12
I paid:  $10.66

Total Savings: $73.46
I saved 87% - woo hoo!

Think about this... if I would have paid full price and not used coupons, the $10.66 I spent would have covered 1 bag of Gorton's fish fillets, 1 bag of Wise snacks, and 2 kiwis.  That's it!

That means I got all the rest for free!!!

I've only been couponing for a few weeks!
If I can do this, anyone can!

Thank you Chrystie Corns for all the helpful tips you give your readers on your website and on facebook!

Chrystie was featured on TLC's Extreme Couponing.
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