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CVS, Hannaford, Walmart and Shaw's
In other words... how I spent $2.11 and got sore feet.

(see some of my previous shopping adventures below)

See that little pile of money in the back corner?  Read on as to how I got that!

This was all purchased with coupons that either gave me a free item, doubled to make the item free, or brought the item down to near free.  I did not use any catalinas, extra care bucks, referral coupons or gift cards. This was all done with just plain old coupons!

You know, taking a minute or two to fill out a simple form on a website to get coupons is starting to pay off. I get coupons in the mail just about every week now!  Today I got 2 coupons for 1 FREE Hood cottage cheese, 2 coupons for $1/1 Crab Classics, and 2 coupons for $.55/1 Crab Classics.  Now I can't wait for Crab Classic to go on sale!

Oh... I almost forgot!!!  That little pile of money in the back corner... you can't tell, but there are some fives, tens, and even twenties in that pile!  I let a few people know via craigslist that I had some goodies to sell.  I got three shoppers and sold nearly $100 worth of stuff from my Stockpile Store! Now I have an excuse to buy things (I mean get free things) I don't even need, like Cascade (I don't use a dishwasher).  The doors are open people! Come on in!

Here's what I got for $2.11

2 boxes bandages
2 candy bars
Before coupons: $7.48
I paid: 12¢

2 packages ground beef
4 cans of green beans
Before coupons: $4.14
I paid: 14¢

4 bottles Softoap
4 tubes Aquafresh toothpaste
5 packages Cascade
4 packs of instant potatoes
Before coupons: $15.75
I paid: 96¢

16 Kozy Shack puddings
8 Activia yogurts
4 boxes whole grain mac & cheese
1 Helluva Good dip
Before coupons: $35.75
I paid: 89¢

Total before coupons:  $63.12

I paid:  $2.11

I do shopping trips like this 3 or 4 (okay, sometimes 5 or 6) times a week!  It can be done on a regular basis. Couponing does not have to be just a once-in-a-blue-moon savings!  I also do one BIG shopping trip every other week for all the stuff we must have. For that trip, I have a $20 budget... and we feed two dogs too!


Previous shopping adventures

9 awesome items from Hannaford for only 65¢ total

First trip I was super duper happy about 'cause I got Gorton's

$125.03 for just $5.97 and that includes cream and fresh berries

$100.50 for just $3.25... first time I try sorbet!

Just a few things for a couple bucks!

Whoopie!  Look at all I got for only $10.98... 9 items were FREE!!!

Hannaford road trip!!!  Hit 5 Hannaford's and got ALL THIS for under $3.00

Thank you Chrystie Corns for all the helpful tips you give your readers on your website and on facebook!

Chrystie was featured on TLC's Extreme Couponing.
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I also want to thank Maven of Savin' for all the work she does matching up coupons to Shaw's sales! If you live near a Shaw's Supermarket, you must sign up for her emails!